Monday, March 25, 2013

It's tough having your creative spirit displaced

Have I mentioned we are displaced right now? We are fortunate to have my Dad who is letting us stay with him until our new home is built. Words can not describe how thankful we are to be so fortunate.

There are upsides and downsides to moving so frequently. Upsides include meeting new people, moving to new parts of the country and being able to explore those parts, and finding a new home there is a certain rush that can be felt in all of that. There are more benefits but you can figure those out and don't need me for that. The downside is the hassles of selling a home, packing up, finding new schools for your kids, the hassles of finding a new home and if you build which we are doing finding a place to live in the meantime if your house sold prior to the new build being finished and ours did.

Being able to live with my Dad is a benefit, but still it's a hassle. Not in the sense of living with him but more on the front that it's not my house. I'm living in someone elses house and have to get used to the way things are set up here. In my old house I had my own office space. I could just walk in there and create. Here I am working on the couch in the living room and can't spread out. There I had my Cintiq to work on, here it doesn't exist because it's packed up in a warehouse somewhere. Things are different. Everything is different and I feel displaced.

Until recently I didn't have interent service because well my Dad lives in the country. He's so far removed from civilization that I'm suprised he has running water. lol jk it's not really that bad, but for a girl like me it' seems so. He, the phone company and I got it set up so we can finally access the internet from the house. It's really slow compared to what we had but it works at least. Prior I had to run up to Mc Donalds which is 25 miles away in the next town over. You read that right 25 miles one way. So I'm thankful that internet here is even working, even if on the slow side.
I'm thankful to the designers who have been so patient with me and understood this process, sometimes more than I did. Sometimes I can be so optomistic that I fail to understand there are times when things just won't work out the way intended. It's all a possibility and there is no failure when I look at the list of "Get er dones".

Displaced or not I'm back to creating. A mouse, a laptop, an external hd, pscs, and fantastic designers and friends on the webernets who have stuck by. Thank you all. :)

Here's my latest two creations from the  Méliès-ish kit by Tumble Fish Studio available at Deviant Scrap (the kit is linked to the store)


On a personal note, I'm so stoked about this kit for a few reasons, it was a little secret between the designer and I.  Do you know how hard it is to hold a secret in for so long? not gonna lie it was hard man, real Hard! I love the Smashing Pumpkins video and the movie Hugo and this kit is so much better than I ever anticipated.

Marsha you knocked it outta the park!

Here is a little taste of what can be created using the kit. Images are linked to the Deviant Scrap gallery.


Created using:

background papers (2), clouds, mountains, water, star, falling star, woman on moon from Melie-ish Kit by Tumble Fish Studio @ Deviant Scrap

scrunched up scanned tissue for cloud overlay

I love this kit, it's fantastically created and lends itself to many a creation. Thank you so much Marsha for the wonderful kit. If you think these images are great wait till you see the flying rockets.

Originally I was going to call this "Angels don't sleep while the earth weeps". But shortened it to "make love not war".

Hope you enjoy!

created using:

backgrounds, moon face, globe, clouds, frame, female body, female head, war head, wings, blue ball for overlay on wings, all from Melies-ish Kit by Tumble Fish Studio @ Deviant Scrap

wa, sparkles, background wa, smoke, crown (I love this crown) from I'm With the Band Collab from Deviant Scrap Designers @ Deviant Scrap

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