Thursday, August 25, 2011

Love Sweet Love

It's what the world needs now. 

When K was in  1st grade he had the most wonderful teacher. She gave the class an assignment that will forever stick in my head and left a lasting impression with my son.

The students had to rotate throughout the entire class and learn something from another peer. This happened during recess. Everyday they journaled their recess lessons. Every child taught another
child a skill. Each one teach one. From Braiding hair, painting nails, hitting a baseball, drawing,
climbing the monkey bars. Each child taught, Each child learned. Each  child took away from that
experience. Each child learned to accept that it was ok to be different. It’s ok for boys  to plait hair,
 or paint their nails,it’s ok for  girls to hit a ball, or get dirty.

 My son is 19  now and can still paint nails with the best of them. He is Perfect just the way he is!

I truely wish more teachers would incorporate lessons like these. It opens their eyes and makes them more accepting of others.

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