Monday, August 15, 2011

Art Without Scissors

This blog was almost named Art Without Scissors, until I found like a hundred links to the subject. For months now I've been working on coming up with a name for this here blog. It's been a while now actually.
See for a long time I wanted to be the cool girl but well I'm just not the cool really. Then the most amazing thing happened ~more on that later. Anywho, at that moment I vowed to start a blog, but there was that name thing that kept stumping me and delaying the process. That was until last night.

Last night as I was creating a piece for the new collab kit by Tumble Fish Studio and Crowabout StudioB called You're Invited available at Deviant Scrap it hit me. ArtUnglued. I started googling, binging (which for your information is so much different than blinging and not nearly as perty.)

So this morning first thing I got busy on this here blog and it's all because of 2 Deviants who twisted my arms and made me crafty..jk I love being on their teams. :)

Do you ever wonder where we will this craft will take use in the coming years? I wonder what kinds of fancy schmancy things we will be doing in 2020 and beyond. Isn't it neat what kind of strides we are making in this world of ours.

Don't forget to check out the add on kits for You're Invited by Crowabout StudioB and Tumble Fish Studio both designers names are linked to take you directly to the store. If you make something and post I'd love to see it.

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