Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Snake Creature almost killed me!

1 event 2 viewpoints

We've moved into our new home and while I'm not finished upacking (who is ever finished upacking right?) we are getting there.

With the weather being so nice out and an offer from my youngest to help pull the weeds, today was just as good a day as any to complete the task. So we ventured outside to tackle the weed problem.

First let me say that we have a wonderful least I think we do. We joke around, respect each other and really like spending time together. So even though he doesn't remember the events as they actually happened I still love him and accept that he was outside his mind with heat stroke when it happened or he'd remember correctly. ;0

Now I give you 1 event 2 viewpoints.

Armed with gloves a garbage can and our best outdoorsie weed pulling will we headed to the yard.

After showing him everything that needed to be pulled, You know how boys are they will pull a rose bush if don't tell them not to. we got to work. The new house has already been landscraped and really the weed pulling on 3 sides of the house was not bad at all. The worst was the right side which sits adjacent to a vacant lot. We are in a newer subdivision and the lot is full of weeds that were encrouching on our nicely landscaped yard.

So we are pullling weeds and talking have a good time when all of the sudden I feel somthing slithering through my hand. Immediately I dropped my weed filled hand, while SCREAMING as loudly as a girl can, jumping up and down stomping my feet and running away as fast as possible all the while shaking my hands in the air.

My son, being the sweet caring son he first and foremost wanted to make sure I was ok asked "What's the matter?"

I screamed "Snake"

Both of us looked and found the slithery icky monster, that was at least 10' ft long by my account and could have killed me with his snakey mouth bite. He was sneaking into the window cover of the basement.

That snake had 4 legs which my son tells me is not a snake but a lizard of some sort. I don't care it was still 40' long and could have killed me.

Well, I'd had enough so I came inside and left the boy to weed pulling and snake handling.

His dad called and I told my Giant that I almost died today from a snake bite by a snake creature with a head the size of a basketball and it was at least 60' long.

My son hears this and starts laughing asking to talk to his dad. He tells my husband that it was just a little lizzard, and that I'm exaggerating.

Don't you hate when the men folk make light of scary situations and downplay them to make you feel like a typical girl.

Below is photographic evidence these beasts do exist.

photo not by me but stolen from the webernets and I don't have any affiliation with this website. It's just that this thing looks almost exactly like the 2 headed, 4 legged, 1000' snake creature that lives outside my house. The same snake creature that is holding me hostage inside my house because admit it people you would be scared for your life too if you saw this thing.

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