Tuesday, January 31, 2012


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This image has been running circles in my head for some time. You know when you can picture something so great and wonderful but just can't seem to put it to paper. Yep that's it. This is one of those.

While working on this tonight my husband rushed into the studio and took a gander. After reading the quote he asked me if that's how I felt. I asked him what he meant thinking he was talking about the word Fearless..nope he was in fact talking about the quote. "Some women aren't meant to be tamed they're supposed to run wild". After he mentioned it was the quote he was referring to I asked him if that bothered him so much. He said not usually but between the hours he is trying to sleep and waking up..yep it bothers him.

You see in our household bedtime is always and event. A girl has to get her excercise sometime and for me that time is bedtime. He goes to bed and I go after him. Usually I'll fly into the bed by taking a running leap and pretending to be a flying squirrel. Or sometimes I just can't manage to make it into the bed by getting in on my side. So it's with that, that i'm climbing into bed, over and under him.

Other nights I'm asking him questions and each night he answers them. Oh sometimes he tries like hell to ignore me but I always get his attention one way or the other. ;)

This man is such a wonderful man to put up with such shanangins I really hope that one day he is given Saint hood cuz really he deserves it.

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