Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Racism and discrimination is alive and well

racism and discrimination is alive and well.

I wasn't going to post this but have decided to do so anyway.

After taking my youngest to the emergency room I had to swing by and pick up his medical records from the clinic. His friends mom works there and she is who I spoke with. She asked how my son was doing because she knew he went to the hospital, it was on their doctors recommendation that we go.

Anyway, in talking to her while waiting for the file, we got to talking about GPS systems. It was at this point that she mentioned the time she was lost in KC. How she ended up in the "darkest, blackest place in KC". She must have seen the look on my face because she quickly mentioned "I'm not a racist blah blah blah I grew up in TN".

In my head I'm thinking "ok lady you convinced me". rolls eyes.

Next she asked about the soccer team (the coach desperately wants my son to play, his foot work is awesome) and how the next game was in some town, can't remember the name but that it's the Mexican area. "nothing against them but it's that kind of area, you know". "but their really good at soccer."

Ok lady that's strike two and you definitely aren't a racist though cuz you grew up in Tn.

Then in an effort to redeem herself she says, "I don't care about the blacks or the Mexicans people are people, but the gays. I don't like them because they aren't right. "

Ok I'd had enough! I said you know my oldest son is gay, my uncle is gay, my cousin is a lesbian, I have a friend who is a total tranny, and several friends who pick your alpha. There is nothing wrong with them.

She got a call I was going to totally walk out and not further jump down her throat, but she was too stupid to grab onto that opportunity. So she put them on hold and said. "oh yeah, it took some adjustment didn't it with your son".

Now why in the hell would it take adjusting. I told her there was no adjustment because there is nothing wrong with him. Like, did she even hear my previous statement.

Again she says "but when he told you he was gay, that's just not right. Didn't you tell him, and how long did it take to accept him."

Omg! my head was spinning and I wanted so bad to knock some down home sense in her. I just said "You know I don't fear you because you are a racist, and you are, it doesn't take much for me to adjust to being around people like you. That's tough, there is something wrong with you. My son, my race, my ethnicity there's nothing wrong with that."

And I walked out. I'm going to change the local doctor for Zeke and let the St. Mary's hospital know this is why.

Racist beware we are many, some of us are darker than others and you never know who you are speaking to. Gay haters beware because you never know whose mother you are talking to. I can take a lot, but when you start looking down on my kids or loved ones I'm like a viper and my words become venomous.

If you were faced with this kind of situation what would you do? I still haven't even addressed it with the youngest but I will definitely let him know. Because if ever in a situation with these people I want him to know what to expect.

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