Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mother Nature bit me in the leg and it HURT like hell

But I still love her :)

Have you ever thought you could take on the world? I do it at times and don't realize until things go to pieces that I just can't do it all! Take for instance the month of July.

Actually that can be June and July but we'll just talk of July. My husband was transferred and being the superhero that I am, I decided it would be best to continue working full time and further to continue with other obligations. I really dislike not fullfilling obligations. Add to that I joined a swap.

Now in the midst of throwing out junk, trying to get in order the move which threw up in my face a couple times at the last minute. Yeah, thanks for setting aside our paper work for 3 weeks. House showings at the most inopportune times, trying to rearrange the move, working full time, family, and other obligations in general. Add to all of that being stung by a bee, which is the worst thing that can happen to someone who is allergic to bees.

When it happened I was in my car, that little devil crawled up the inside of my jeans and stung me. I didn't even know what was stinging me but felt very sick and started having breathing problems all while driving in my car. So I pull over while reaching in my purse trying to unscrew the darn epi pen, btw who in their right mind puts a screw on lid on an vital and time sensitive medical device and at the same time I'm frantically hitting my leg and feeling for whatever it is that is sending a searing pain into my body. Finally the cap pops off and I stab my self with the fun guys no fun at all. My husband is gone at the time and I'm left to manage the kids, house, showings, move stuff, everything by myself. So I opt not to go to the doctor. Big Mistake Huge Mistake
Let me tell you how wrong that goes when you are allergic to bees. Though I used the epi pen and though I didn't go into shock, and though I took allergy pills and though I am SheRok! and tougher than nails..that didn't stop my leg from swelling up to the size of texas or the itching to cease and desist. It's like my body didn't get the memo or ignored the memo all together.

So yeah the month of July held many changes and challenges for this girl. I took a break at the end, and into Aug. but now am back with a vengence. Last night I finished my long overdue swap and sent it off to it's recipient.

You can see it below..and even though Mother Nature sent out her devilish minion to wreak havoc on my body I still love her enough to create a shrine in her honor.

image is linked for credits

I am thankful to have such wonderful designers who understood my dilema and who are sweet enough to say take care of you. These women are really without a doubt the kindest and most gracious people I've come to know. I'm thankful to my boss who even though we were under the gun at times understood all the challenges I was facing and said take a break, or just chipped in to help me. She is by far the best boss I've had in my entire career.

Most of all I'm thankful to my husband and children who continue to stand beside me, and make me laugh even when under the weather, or just plain crabby and miserable.

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