Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unifying The Sidelines

I'm a soccer mom. Our 18yo loves soccer and  he's very good at it too. Our 15yo also loves soccer but he is unable to play now because of an injury. I love being on the sidelines and getting the shots of my boys playing soccer. They are tough kids both of them.

T is a defender. It fits his personality. He's always been a protector. Yesterday while watching/shooting the game I turned to my 15yo and said. Hmm, Ts like that kid from the movie Blindside. Z not understanding says "oh yeah, right cuz he's homeless." No what I mean is that T is very much a protector. He's like old faithful. If you give him a job, or in this case tell him to stay on someone and not let them near the goal he is going to do that. He is going to do whatever it takes to protect his family.

He is like that in everything. All three of our children are like that. Maybe it's because we lived so far away from family and were our own unit. At any rate they are protective of eachother and of us as a whole. Sure they may argue amongst themselves, but I dare anyone to try to say or do something against any one of them because they will quickly turn the table on you and you will be sorry.

As the game went on more people showed up. It's funny because these people at games all sit in little groups. I'm the outsider because I'm new and well they've been together probably since their kids were little. It doesn't bother me really because I'm used to it. Armed with my camera I'm up and down the field anyway and after the game I'm loading gear into the car. So what do I need camaraderie for anyway.

But I did think to myself as I saw these little groups, "they need unity". So I came up with a little game.

The Tip It Game

How many times have you seen a goalie tip the ball. A player tries to score the goalie jumps up high and tips the ball with his fingertips. It's the perfect scenerio for a drinking game. Drinking games are the best kind aren't they?

So here's the rules.

BYOB (or whatever ails you)

You may only take a swig when the ball is Tipped.

Here's where we unify in the stands. Everyone should encourage the goalie with a cheer. Tip It! Tip It! Tip It! we will all chant.

We can expand the game to, just think about it. There are so many plays we could be cheering and drinking to. Everyone will be happier while sitting out in the heat or freezing cold. Further it fosters team spirit.

I'm gonna take a bottle of Jack to then next game. ;)

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